Monday, March 22, 2010

Shouldn't the Richest Country in the World Have Golden Streets?
Or at least sidewalks?

This weekend I took a trip to Luxembourg, which is the richest country in the world per capita. I think I've decided that's the case because of the royal family, a few other rich people, and the country being roughly the size of Rhode Island. You could literally miss the country if you were to blink. Also it should probably be called the country of tunnels. I swear we went through a million of them while in this tiny stretch of land.

Amy had a really cool function on her camera that allowed us to take panoramic pictures... which means more play time!

Aside from all the gabber about how small and mole-like the country is, it is very pretty. Luxembourg city is built in the side of a cliff. In other words there is a tall natural wall and then a manmade wall on top of that. It was raining when we were there, but you know what? It didn't make it horrible. We got to go down in a valley area and take gorgeous pictures, even if it was raining and brown. We also got to hide from the rain in a Louis Vuitton store that I loved, but made Amy uncomfortable because we didn't "fit in". All is good though.... if I want to spend a million dollars (or in this case Euro) on a purse I have the same right as the next person to decide just which one I want to purchase. I looked at some really cute wallets and if I were in fact that rich I would have bought one. But oh well it was just cool to see the guy open and close the door and the workers suck up to us to get us to buy one :)

This is the manmade wall... the sidewalk is on the natural wall. We tried climbing it :)

After we got tired of the rain and walking we decided to head home and on the way we both had the craving for a good burger. Now I don't particularly like hamburgers and I don't eat them often, but when I get the craving for one I HAVE to have one. So we decided to be not so German and went to the Chilies on Ramstein. That was AMAZING and for sure hit the spot... once the waitress finally brought me my ranch. (Jamie I blame you for this.)

I climbed up a part of the hill that was pretty much ugh- but once I got up there I was happy. Amy had to walk around!

Sunday was spent making breakfast, hiking, making up stories while hiking, seeing a movie and planning next week's hike. The hiking was SO much fun. We found this one manmade underground bunker (or whatever it is) and we decided that Hitler really isn't dead. He's hiding in the bunker and still thinks the war is going on. I decided to knock on the door and he didn't answer. He must have thought that we were going to take him in if he answered. We continued to walk and decided to turn it into something else. If you have ever read We're Going on a Bear Hunt, we did something a little like that. Instead of a bear we were looking for windmills, talking about going under, over, and through things, and making noises as we went through them. The game was probably pretty childish... but I'm ok with that. We all have to be immature sometime right? And besides no one else was around so who could really care?

This is the bunker Amy and I am certain Hitler is still hiding in!

Over all this weekend was pretty chill and I'm super excited for the next 2 weekends in a row. Next weekend we're going on a Swiss Boarder Tour. Where we're going we are supposed to take a boat right under a waterfall and I guess the area is somewhat tropical. Weird how that could happen on the board between Germany and Switzerland, but I guess we'll see how it goes. The weekend after we are going to Amsterdam for the night!!!! I'm so excited. We'll leave Saturday at 9am and then get back Sunday at 9am. We have until 3am to experience the nightlife of Amsterdam. Hopefully I'll come back!!!

Until next week. Hope all are well and enjoying this March so far!

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