Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Weekend of Boringness for a While

This weekend was pretty boring. I sat around and did absolutely NOTHING. Which was nice, but I'm glad it's my last weekend of doing it. This weekend is PARIS!!!! If you can't tell- I'm super stoked. I'm going with Alyssa and we are taking of really early Saturday morning and getting back really early Sunday morning. We're going to walk around and then that night we get to go on a dinner cruise. So yes I'm extremely excited about it.

This was my door when I woke up. Surprising me was really hard for the girls... but I had no clue they were going to decorate my door! :)

My birthday was last week. I am now 23. To be honest I thought my life was going to end. Haha. It, however, did not, so I have a year to dread becoming 24. My life is sure to end when I get that old! The girls were really sweet though. I woke up in the morning with my door decorated with balloons and streamers. I also got a giraffe with a bow that said birthday girl on it. We're not allowed to wear anything except for our uniforms... but I was allowed to wear that ribbon and I was NOT going to pass that opportunity up!

Hey I made it!!! Got my fav drink and everything!

Later that night we made pizza, went karaokeing (is that a word?), and then came back and had cake. It was a ton of fun! I had never been to karaoke before that point so it was interesting. When we got there we were practically the only ones there. No one else was singing karaoke, they were at the bar, so we got in a ton of songs. Which made it all the better!

This is Todd- he was our DJ who became "professional" photographer and singer for the night!

Now I remember saying last week that I was going to post some pictures of Trier number 2... but I forgot to do it. So I'll do it now!

This is Porta Nigra- it was the old entrance to the city when it had walls.

Amy and me in front of a bath house. It was a then time spa and was really fun for us to run through, but I couldn't imagine not being able to take a bath in my own house!

As always I find a pair of shoes that I love. I just couldn't bring myself to buy them at the time... but no worries. If (when) I go back they are 100% mine!

Be excited for next weeks post and pictures! I'm super excited to tell you all about my weekend in Paris! (It's cool just saying that I'm going to Paris for the weekend!)

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