Thursday, April 8, 2010

Has It Really Been 2 Weeks?!
So I guess it has! These last few have been really busy and crazy. At work we've begun some evaluations of the centers called Child Abuse Risk Assessment Tool or CARAT. Last week we did my preschool center and this week I'm leading a team of 4 at another preschool center 45 minutes away from our barracks. Because we're not at my site we don't get Internet. We are currently on Kleber and the library doesn't have WiFi like the one in Landstuhl does so we've been sharing our Internet to go stick thinger. I guess it's not so bad; I really just check my email and facebook and then have to pass it to the next person, but that would be the reason I haven't written in 2 weeks.

Let me fill you in on what we've done! Not last weekend, but the weekend before last we went on a trip called the Swiss Border Tour. What this entailed was going to an island of flowers called Minau, then heading to a boring little place Stine on Rhine and then we hit up a waterfall before heading home. Minau was by far the best part of the trip even though most of the flowers weren't out yet. On the island was an awesome playground. We decided that it was made for adults (really it wasn't it was all child sized, just really cool!) and we played on it. The tour group we were with was pretty elderly and our tour guide wasn't the nicest lady in the whole world. Once we got on the playground she called to us and asked us if we wanted to continue with the tour or if we wanted to stay and play on the children's toys. Being the smart a***s we are we called back that it was a whole lot more fun playing on the kids equipment than listening to a tour. She was not too happy after that and things just went down hill from there with the tour guide, but it was still a great place. We were able to go see a "tropical" house (aka a green house) and a butterfly house. I actually got one of the prettiest plates ever with a butterfly on it!

The thing I was looking forward to most was the waterfall we were supposed to be going to see. When I thought waterfall, I thought huge pretty thing that fell off a cliff or something. I was a little disappointed, but oh well the were still really cool.

Now on to this weekend. Whoa buddy was it fun! We went to Amsterdam on a night trip. What that meant was we left at 9am, went to a cheese/shoe maker at 3pm, got to Amsterdam around 5 and didn't have to get back on the bus till 3am. Awesome? YES!! We walked around the Red Light District for a while (haha) and then went to the bars. It was really interesting actually. We were trying to find a club, which in Europe is called a disco, and we told our taxi driver that. I guess he thought we were rich ladies or something because he took us to this club called Jimmy Woo. Jimmy Woo is an invite only or if you're lucky you can be a "begger" and get in. By begging it will cost approx. 100 Euro a person so $140 to get in and then 35 Euro a drink. Yeah we don't have rich blood or at least not that rich. We also went to the Sex Museum and to the Anne Frank house. The Anne Frank house was something else. For those of you who know me well know that I LOVE the WWII era and that was this. After reading her diary and going there it makes every thing more real.

Sorry for not being on recently as I said it's been hectic. I miss my kids though if that means much. I finally get to go back to my SASers next week! Last thing before I need to pass the Internet on- I will be back on the 15th of May and then on the 16th I'm going to host my own party. Haha really that means I'll have souvenirs and make a german meal for everyone!

Only 5 weeks until I'm home!!!!

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