Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Very Unwelcome Gift

So I'm mostly enjoying myself- I'm just really wishing for a "normal" week. Last week was a killer. On Tuesday one of the girls in our group started itching her head a lot and had someone check her out. A few minutes later we discovered that 5 out of the 6 Camp A girls at my site had lice- including me. It was not very fun. Not very fun at all. BUT! Now we're all good :) Thank you kids.... not.

Last weekend didn't go quite as we planned- because of the lice mostly. We were going to go skiing/boarding and instead we went to Trier. By we I mean Alyssa, Jenny and I. We kinda travel in a group of 3. In Trier we went to the Dom and oh my goodness! It is crazy. It's like the a place where you can't talk- not because of rules, but because you don't feel like you can you're in awe. Also the Dom is HUGE. I can't imagine what it was like in the day. Also I wonder if they've ever had a Church service in there. One of the coolest things about the Dom is that in there is Jesus's tunic. One of the girls who had been there before said she felt a presence in there when she was there and I can understand what she meant. It was weird. While I was in there I kept feeling the urge to cry. I didn't, but I still felt the urge to.

Aside from the Dom we did a lot of shopping in Trier. I got some REALLY cute new shoes for 14 Euro- so really $21. Like I said... they're REALLY cute. They're a black and white plaid color. I also got a pink scarf, headbands, necklace and a giraffe metal thing. Now before you ask, no it wasn't all that expensive. I spent like 18 or 21 Euro. So it was a lot of fun :)

See I LOVE them!!

We also got really cool pizza while we were in Trier. It came in a box thingy and you ate it while you were walking around. This is Alyssa and me eating ours.

Next weekend we're not going to hit up Paris. Some of the girls were a little- well... it just didn't work out. Not everyone could get a ride there so the 3 of us decided to do something else. We're now going to go to Berlin for our 3 day weekend. We're going to hit up Paris on the 13th of March. We're booking the trip today.

Again with the children quotes- this was a good one this last week.

"I don't get why boys are boys and girls are girls... like how does that happen?"- 8 year old Marsha. I mean really? Haha and 8 year old asking me that. That was a little funny- or a lot anyways.

Tata for now! Love you and miss you all!

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