Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking the Phrase Stop and Smell the Roses to Heart

So I had a pretty uneventful weekend this past weekend. I didn't go anywhere and that was 100% good by me. I went to a couple movies this weekend- Dear John (which has a much better ending than the book) and Valentine's Day. They were both pretty good movies, utterly predictable, but good.

I don't think I have anything going on for the next few weekends. I know this coming weekend I just plan on chilling again. I enjoy not doing a whole lot on my weekends because it gives me wind down time. The weekend after that, March 6 & 7th also the weekend after my birthday, I had a trip planned to go see Munich and a Dachau. Dachau is the concentration camp closest to us. Anyways like I said I planned to go there and so did some other girls. Actually we signed up and paid the money for it and everything and now the girls are backing out... so that pretty much means I can't go either. We have to go with at least one other person and it looks like they're not going... so I guess I don't get to. :( Sad? Yes... actually a lot a sad. So I don't know if I really have anything going on until the 13th of March- if people don't back out of that one too. Ugg.

Anyways I know it's a short post, but like I said I don't have much to report. Although I do have one last thing! I will have the internet EVERY Tuesday night. So if you want to skype me I'll be on there! Basically from 1pm-4pm central time (or later if you plan it with me) every Tuesday. Hop on and call me! :)


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