Monday, February 1, 2010

Kids Say and Do the Darnedest Things

I’m now on my 3rd week being here in Germany and it still doesn’t feel like I’m in another country. I’m not sure if it’s because I adapt well, who knows? I feel like everyone is just a call away and that’s because you all are. I’m really enjoying my time so far!

This past weekend I didn’t do a whole lot I wanted more a weekend where I can just sit and do nothing else. Some of the girls went to Trier- sorry about the spelling I’m not sure if that’s quite right. The rest of us met up with some of the guys who live in our same barrack and went to The Sports Bar. It was pretty interesting watching people around. There was one guy, contrary to his belief, who could not dance at all. He was great entertainment I must tell ya!

This coming up weekend some of us are going to head to Austria and ski/board in the Alps. Yeah, who can really say that? Oh this weekend I’m just going to head over and ski in the Alps… Well I can now! Alyssa and I are going to try to find some snow pants and such warm clothes at the thrift shop so we don’t freeze while we’re out there.

Last week was a pretty fun week in the way of children. Alyssa, Heather and I all go to SAS in the afternoon unless the kids don’t have school and then we’re there all day. Friday was one of those days and I’ll tell ya, it was awesome. We played all sorts of things all day. We even built the Eiffel Tower out Knex. Try that without directions! It’s not really easy, but it was fun and the kids loved it.

Update on the Internet- we didn’t end up getting it installed. Several people told us that it was really unreliable and would be even worse with 11 people trying to use the same router. So that wasn’t going to work. Instead what we did was we went and bought sticks that let us access the Internet. They are expensive though, so 3 other girls, Kristen, Lisa, and Heather, went in with me and we got a stick to share. That means that only one of us can be on it at a time, but that’s ok. I get Internet during lunch so I get facebook and email and such taken care of during my lunch break and then every 4th day I can get on Skype and what not. That’s what we decided to do. If someone needs it pretty bad then we’re all pretty flexible girls so that’s not a huge deal.

Last thing I wanted to do is leave you with (and I’ll try to do every week) is a few quote from children. You know they say the darnedest things! (names will be changed for privacy issues)

“Miss Angie you’re a super hero.”- 4-year-old Kayla

“Oh and why is that?” –Me

“Well, you cleaned up Becky’s tears with your shirt and then she didn’t cry any more.”

“Miss Angie I like when I’m tired and I hug you cause you have pillows for my head.” – 3-year-old Ashanti (yeah awkward, but funny as all heck)

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