Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Days To Go!

Hello ALL! I am starting this blog just before I leave the states so that I can send everyone the link to it!

I'll update you on a little of what is going on for me:

I leave this Sunday the 17th from Cedar Rapids. I have a 4:15pm flight to Chicago, 2 hour layover there, and then I'm off to Germany starting at 7:30pm. Thank goodness I have an overnight flight! That way I can hopefully sleep on the plane. I don't know if you all know this about me, but I hate driving over bridges with water under them... I'm kinda worried about the whole flying over an ocean thing! I'll be alright though I think.

I'll land in Germany at 11:00am their time, 4am our time. Yes they are 7 hours ahead of us, so that might make talking to people who have jobs and lives difficult. :P Once in Germany I have Monday to "recover" from jet lag and start orientation Tuesday. I don't actually work with any kids until the following week.

Currently, being the control freak I am, I have packed my checked luggage and thank goodness Dad has a scale! The first time I packed one of them it would have been too heavy and that would not have been a fun thing to fix in the airport. I'm already going to be crazy there, but at least my luggage is cute. It's giraffe pint! I got them for Christmas and I LOVE them.

Friday I'll be heading on over to Ames, hanging out with friends and getting a brand new camera! Still not sure what I'm going to get, but Jamie will help me pick it out and it'll be fun. Then I'll get to recheck my packing Saturday night and Sunday morning :P If there's something you think I'll forget, you always forget, or something that is a necessity let me know! I don't want to forget to pack it.

Last but not least for this starter post. Once I get over there I have no idea what the Internet connection is going to be like- if it's within a mile or even maybe 2 my rear end is walking there quite a few days to get on and talk to home. I have a Skype and you should get one too! Look me up and then we can talk on there- skype will be my lifesaver. Also I will have to get a phone and will welcome calls at any time. It'll cost you international fees unfortunately, but I will have one. Keep in tune for the cell number!

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(also to come later...)

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